Wooden Venetian Blinds

Simarouba Wooden Venetian Blinds

These new Simarouba wooden blinds are exceptionally durable, lightweight, and cost-efficient – lifting the standard for venetian window blinds. They are very practical and offer a smart appearance while setting the right light ambience in your room.

High quality at low cost – even better value for money

The quality of Simarouba is even higher than our previous wooden venetian blinds – yet at a significantly lower cost.

Very light timber allowing double width

Simarouba wood has great strength for its light weight – about half that of faux wood venetians. This makes wider blinds more manageable to install and operate.

Better closure and light stopping with these wooden blinds

A new “H” shaped bottom rail gives a tighter closure to the window sill, eliminating light that would otherwise slip through the gap.

Special coating to retain great condition despite UV and moisture

Simarouba wooden venetians use a new heavier protection coating on the slats that is the best treatment currently available in the industry.

Strong environmentally friendly hardwood

Simarouba wood is sourced from sustainable plantations, unlike other timbers that are growing scarcer and progressively lower in quality. Also, it doesn’t warp as much as other woods and faux wood, so keeps its right shape.

Natural wood look or neutral tones to support any décor

You can get the richness and warmth of the natural timber look to add character to any room. You can have the look and feel of wooden shutters, or choose one of the fashionable painted designer colours to match your indoor environment.

Unique 90mm, 75mm flat fascia design

Fitting in with contemporary home décor, the fascia design completely covers the high profile head rail, giving a neater appearance.

Control the exact light level and temperature

By tilting of the wooden blind slats, you can create the exact light ambience you want. In winter, the great insulation property of wood conserves heat when you close the slats. In summer, you can open them to allow the cool breeze in. Tilting these venetian blinds to maximum will stop light entry and create total privacy in the evening. On the other hand, pulling them right up gives an unobstructed view.


Our wooden venetian blinds are smooth to raise and lower. The slats may be tilted right through to 180 degrees. There are cords to tilt slats, and other cords to raise & lower the blind, with a special steel lock to firmly hold the position you set. You can choose the cords to be all on the left or right, or separate – one pair on each side.


All our venetian blinds are guaranteed for 3 years. This means that in the unlikely event of problems related to quality and the product being fit for purpose, we’ll put it right for you.

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Simarouba Wooden Venetian Blinds Specification & Hardware
  • Timber: Simarouba
  • Hardware package: All brackets and screws included in complete package
  • Instructions: full installation instructions provided for easy and quick DIY fitting
  • Minimum width:
    • Tilt only: 264mm
    • Split controls: 300mm
    • Combined control: 400m
  • Maximum Width: 3,000mm
  • Drop limits: 200mm – 3,000mm
  • Maximum area: 5.8m2 per blind (4m2 if frequent raising and lowering) – multiple blinds required for areas beyond this
  • Slat width: 50mm 
  • Slat thickness: 3mm
  • Head rail: standard high profile 57 x 51mm
  • Valance (fascia) options:
    • 75mm high x 5mm thick
    • Bottom rail: 50 x 15mm, with special ‘H’ shape
  • UV protectorant: special heavy-duty UV coating for long life
Simarouba Wooden Venetian Blinds Features & Benefits
  • Slats can be tilted through to 180 degrees by tilt cords
  • Blinds can be pulled up for clear unrestricted view through window
  • Coated with heavy-duty UV coating – best available in the market
  • Complete colour co-ordination of valances, headbox, bottom rails, tassels, tapes and cords with slats
  • Easy to lift and angle. Installed in minutes with easy-to-follow instructions
  • Perfect fit with no adjustments required
  • Smooth and easy operation with finer cord and brass locking roller (versus pin)
  • All orders delivered in 10 days, with immediate notification of delays
  • Get the exact light level you want by tilting blinds
  • Have clear unrestricted view, or total blockout for privacy and heat conservation
  • Control room temperature for your comfort in winter and summer
Simarouba Wooden Venetian Blinds Cleaning
  • Remove dust from blinds with vacuum cleaner or compressed air
  • Clean with damp cloth
  • Do not scrub, or use solvents or any abrasive substance, to avoid damaging slat coating.
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