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Kitchens are without doubt the main hub of the home. A well designed kitchen can add thousands to the value of a home, so getting the finishing touches right can make all the difference. Finishing touches inevitably include the window treatments.

Kitchen blinds remain the most popular choice as modern kitchen trends are moving away from swathes of curtain fabrics at the window, in preference of sleek, slimline kitchen blinds or shades since they are the most practical and convenient option, especially around the preparation and cooking of food.

If after reading this, you are still unsure, Rollerblinds are more than happy to send out FREE SAMPLES of swatches so you can decide at your leisure.

Keep your kitchen on-trend

Remember neutral hues & tones almost never date (think the iconic blue kitchens, popular in the 90s and say no more).  More often than not kitchens tend to be full of harsh lines, glossy cabinetry and all things modern, so options for adding  softer elements or even colour into your decor may be limited to your choice of kitchen window blinds. Whatever your style, blinds certainly make a visual impact.

Privacy afforded by blinds

Depending on whether your kitchen / breakfast area is overlooked by your neighbours or not, will be a determining factor in how much privacy is needed to be able to keep the outside, out.  Sunscreen roller blinds, as they are fully adjustable, can offer more privacy, as well as a adding a pop of colour to the top of a window.  For this reason too, PVC blinds or aluminium venetian blinds are a popular choice.

Oh what a view!

The positioning of your windows will have a big impact on what kitchen blinds you eventually decide upon.  Vertical blinds, for instance, are just the ticket for those kitchens / dining areas that have big expanses of glass such as french doors or ranch sliders.  They can easily be tilted or fully drawn back so you can sit back and enjoy an unobstructed view.

Let there be light

Optimal lighting in your kitchen is important, especially when you are cooking.  Light-filtering sunscreen blinds or the very latest in vision blinds allow light to flood into your kitchen,  and can be adjusted to give you complete privacy when necessary.

Easy maintenance kitchens

If your window is located in front of a sink or hob it’s a good idea to consider water or moisture resistant kitchen blinds that can easily withstand splashes of water or moisture from boiling pans and kettles, like aluminium or PVC venetian blinds.  Wooden blinds in areas where there may be grease build up might not be such a practical idea – but our Simarouba Wooden Venetian Blinds can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

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