Commercial blinds and shades – Factory direct prices

Custom commercial roller blinds and office window blinds in Auckland

A key part of interior design for commercial settings and corporate offices is the window coverings. Often the final decision on which window blinds to use in your unique business or commercial setting has a significant impact on the overall space vibe and feel.

Having the right design that delivers on the function is critical, while the right price and maintenance-free durability are also huge influencing factors.

For the ideal working environment, the right level of lighting, privacy, energy efficiency and insulation are all necessary considerations in deciding on the best window treatment for your setting

Commercial blind specialists and manufacturers

At, we have a team of experts that can assist you with complete solutions – from concept, measure and quote, design selection through to installation.  Rollerblinds offers a wide range of fabrics and options for window blinds and shades ideal for commercial environments.

With years of experience we have been assisting architects, interior designers, interior environment consultants, project managers, and builders to find exactly the right window treatment that reflects the demands and requirements of your work or office space

We provide:

  • practical expert advice with our years of experience in the blinds industry
  • fast turnaround – we hold our all componentry in NZ and manufacture our blinds here
  • high quality, durable and long lasting NZ custom made blinds with long term guarantees
  • safe and hassle-free installation
  • competitive factory direct prices
  • on-going support- even after installation of your blinds

We’re committed to making design and installation as easy as possible. We offer specialised commercial services for:

  • schools
  • theatres and auditoriums
  • hospitals
  • rest homes
  • churches
  • bars & restaurants
  • offices
  • residential developments

Versatile commercial blind solutions to suit your unique building needs

Our blinds can be selected to create the right light ambience and aesthetics for professional environments.

Here’s our window blinds range to choose from:

Roller blinds that soften the summer sun while giving an outside view and protecting interior furnishings –Sunscreen blinds  and Vision blinds;
Roller blinds that black-out unwanted light during the day and save heating costs – Blockout blinds
Venetian blinds – versatile window treatments to get the exact light level required. PVC blinds for thermal stability and high-moisture environments. For a modern look, check out the wooden venetian blinds

Resilient fabrics complying with safety regulations
Our roller blinds are built with commercial-grade specialty fabrics which comply with fire & safety regulations and stand up to the rigors of the work place or home.
Our venetian blinds are lacquer-coated with UV protectorant, making them long-lasting and resilient to fading and damage.
Our PVC blinds have exceptional thermal stability and resistance to moisture.
A variety of physical configurations to suit your needs
To cater for commercial settings and office spaces, custom designing blinds ensures that the roller blinds can be grouped together in various ways.

See different roller blind configurations we offer to suit your needs and local conditions.


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