Child Safety

Hanging cords of any kind are a strangulation safety concern for children or playful toddlers. When window cords are within reach, it takes only a few seconds for a young child to be accidentally tangled. Infants placed in cribs near windows may be able to grasp a dangling window cord unintentionally wrapping it around their neck. Tragically, nearly a dozen children die a year from window cord accidents.

All Roller Blinds NZ Ltd blinds come with a FREE SAFETY CHAIN TENSIONER

This is a specially designed cord attachment system with spring tension and bracket that improves the safety of cord-looped products.

For inside mounts, the cord tensioner can be attached directly to the window by running a screw directly through the hole in the tensioner, or to the clear bracket that comes with it. For outside mount shades or shadings, the clear outside mount bracket is used.

For window treatments operating with a cord loop, a cord tensioner also keep cords taut and prevent them from twisting and tangling.

NOTE: Attach All Chain Tensioners: Don’t Make It An Option! It’s always best to be safe.

For the safety of your children, choose blinds made by Roller Blinds NZ Ltd!