Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetian Blinds Overview

These 25mm Aluminium venetian window blinds (venetian shades) are a very practical window treatment adding finesse to your interior environment. They are fully adjustable to provide the right light ambience for your needs.

Preserve the fresh condition of your furnishings

These Aluminium venetian blinds efficiently block harsh New Zealand sunlight and UV and yet still allow ample light in your room. The finely-spaced slats will keep your furniture and floor coverings in their original rich-coloured condition.

Complete control of light and temperature – saving you power

By just tilting the slats, you can set the right ambience in your room. At full-tilt, these Aluminium venetian shades block the light, and create total privacy at night. Pulling them right up enables a full view. In winter, the blind’s heat-reflective properties conserve indoor heat. In summer, opened slats allow the cool breeze through, and when they are tilted a bit the sun’s heat is reflected reducing your cooling bills.

Easy to use – with special safety cord lock

Our venetian shades are smooth and easy to operate. A wand tilts the slats, and cords raise and lower the blind. They have a crash-proof cordlock for consistent operation plus better safety.

Versatile colours to suit your interior ambience

We have 4 neutral colours to suit a wide range of décor – with complete coordination of valance, headbox, bottom rails, tassels, tapes, and cords.

Durable environmentally friendly materials

Blind slats are stove-enamel-finished to keep their original colour right through their life. Made of the highest grade Aluminium alloy, they are up to 20% recycled material which is great for the environment. Head and bottom rails are powder coated Aluminium to increase strength and blind lifespan.

Advanced blind manufacturing

These Aluminium blinds are made with superior components and processes to streamline production and reduce costs. An internal tape lock button and special tape roll support speeds up assembly, and a protective film on the top and bottom rails avoids scratches when handling and packaging.


All our venetian blinds are guaranteed for 3 years. This means that in the unlikely event of problems related to quality and the product being fit for purpose, we’ll put it right for you.

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Aluminium Venetian Blinds Specification & Hardware
  • Material: top grade Aluminium, 20% recycled, with stove-enamel finish
  • Components included: all installation brackets and screws included
  • Installation instructions: included with blinds – for easy and quick DIY fitting
  • Minimum Width: 300mm
  • Maximum Width: 3,000mm
  • Maximum area: 8m2 (multiple blinds required if greater area needed, to avoid raising, lowering, and closure problems)
  • Drop limit: 3,000mm
  • Slat width: 25mm
  • Slat thickness: 0.21mm
  • Head rail: 19mm x 27mm powder coated Aluminium
  • Bottom rail: powder coated Aluminium with ‘C’ shape cross-section
Aluminium Venetian Blinds Features &Benefits
Slats can be tilted freely with wand Features:
  • Blinds can be pulled up or let down with cords
  • Colour co-ordinated valance, headbox, bottom rail, tassels, tapes, cords, and slats
  • Easy to lift, position, and install within minutes with easy instructions
  • Perfect fit based on your measurements with no adjustments required
  • Smooth and easy operation with crash-proof cord lock
  • All orders delivered in 10 days, with immediate notification of delays
  • Get the exact light level you want with these venetian shades
  • Have clear unrestricted view, or total blockout for privacy and heat conservation
  • Effectively exclude harsh sunlight and UV to preserve your furnishings
  • Keep out sun’s heat during the day to reduce cooling costs, and keep heat in at night reducing heating costs
  • Improved safety for children and pets
Aluminium Venetian Blinds Cleaning
  • Clean Aluminium venetians by closing slats and applying feather duster, cloth, or soft brush. Vacuum cleaner is ok if on low speed.
  • Clean stains off blind with damp cloth, or gently spray-clean and leave to dry completely
  • Professional ultrasonic cleaning services can be used
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