Vision Blinds

Vision Blinds Overview

Vision blinds are distinctive striped blinds providing light filtering or blockout as required, with flexible light control like a venetian blind but operating like a roller blind.

How they work -setting the light level you want

These unique blinds have alternating translucent and opaque horizontal stripes which can be slid up and down past each other with the chain control. Opaque stripes can be lined up for maximum light or overlapped to block light.

Gentle light filtering to save your eyes and furnishings

In their ‘maximum light’ setting, Vision blinds soften excessively bright daylight – reducing glare and UV fading of furniture especially in summer.

Offering unhindered views

The chain control can be used to pull the blind all the way up into the headrail giving unhindered views like a roller blind, similar to the panel blinds that you know.

Attractive fabrics from sheer metallics to delicate tones

Our Vision blinds have an elegant fabric range including sheer metallics, natural wood weaves, and lovely subtle tones.

Safe for children

Child safety has been a major design factor with these blinds, and so a chain tidy is offered to avoid accidents with little ones.


Once they are installed in your home, Vision Blinds are guaranteed for 3 years. This means that in the unlikely event of problems related to quality and the product being fit for purpose, we’ll put it right for you.

Vision Blinds Specification & Hardware
  • Installation: items included: brackets, screws, safety chain holder, chain stops, and optional chain tidy
, with instructions provided for easy installation of top spring bracket or face fix bracket with spring bracket attached.
  • Fabric: hard wearing polyester, with translucent and UV-blocking opaque stripes
  • Minimum Width: 300mm
  • Maximum Width: Fabric Width (varies)
  • Drop: minimum 300mm
  • Sill Depth Requirement: 32mm top tube – 60mm, 40mm top tube – 68mm
  • Chain: Continuous loop (no joiner) in colours: black, white or beige
  • Chain Length: standard is 70% of drop, but other lengths available on request (700mm, 1,000mm, 1,200mm, 1,400mm, 1,600mm, 2,000mm)
  • Head rail: ‘open’ cassette in black, white, or beige, with optional fabric insert which must be stated on order if required, otherwise left exposed
  • Bottom rail: colour matched to head rail
  • Operation: Chain control – with left or right option
Vision Blinds Features & Benefits
  • Hard wearing polyester fabrics from sheer metallics to delicate tones
  • Child-safety option
  • Variable chain length
  • Light filtering or blackout
  • Chain control – on left or right side
  • Easy to fit with simple instructions included
  • A unique and striking elegant look
  • Offering light softening to protect your furnishings
  • Can be raised for unhindered views
Vision Blinds Cleaning
  • Remove dust with vacuum cleaner or compressed air
  • Do not scrub or use solvents or any abrasive substance that might damage the coating of the fabric
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