Blockout Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb Blinds Overview

These blinds are unique pleated concertina that provide an effective yet simple window covering solution that can be decorated with drapes or curtains.

Insulation greater than double-glazing – saving energy costs

The blind’s air pockets have a “double-glazing” effect, largely reducing heat loss thus minimising heating and air conditioning costs. These blinds serve as a barrier against cold windows and draughts in chilly climates as well as offering thermal protection in hot climates.

Translucent fabric option – allows light but maintains privacy

Honeycomb blinds’ light filtering provide a warm and gentle glow to the room instead of harsh sunlight, without sacrificing your privacy. It also protects furniture from UV light damage.

Blockout fabric option – for media rooms or day sleepers

Blinds fit snugly into window frames allowing for only the smallest gaps. Additionally, the Honeycomb blind fabric includes a metallised lining which achieves a 100% light block – great for bedrooms to help you sleep no matter the hour.

Blinds disappear into a small ‘stack’ allowing full window view

Honeycomb blinds can be pulled right up, retracting into a small size and taking up very little headroom in your window, so they can be easily hidden behind a decorative valance.

Resilient fabric looking great for years to come

The superior fabric quality is hard wearing and dirt-resistant meaning no fray or fade, giving you the perfect look for longer.


All our honeycomb blinds are guaranteed for 2 years. This means that in the unlikely event of problems related to quality and the product being fit for purpose, we’ll put it right for you.


Please allow for 4 weeks delivery.

Honeycomb Blinds Specification & Hardware
  • Installation: brackets and screws are provided with instructions for easyinstallation.
  • Fabric: 25mm high quality non-woven polyester with single cell pockets, hard wearing and dirt-resistant.
  • Translucent (light filtering) and blockout options available
  • Minimum width: 450mm
  • Maximum width: 2400mm
  • Sill depth required: 35mm
  • Head rail: Curved cross-section 35mm wide x 30mm high, colour-matched to fabric
  • Bottom rail: cross-section 12mm high x 35mm wide, colour-matched to fabric
  • Operation: cord control – colour-matched to fabric, with left or right option
Honeycomb Blinds Features &Benefits
  • Hard wearing, dirt-resistant polyester – makes for resilience
  • Cord control
  • Light filtering (translucent) and blockout options
  • Colour-coordination for a seamless integrated look
  • Retractable into a small ‘stack’ – easily concealed behind valance
  • Excellent insulation – surpassing double-glazing – saving on money
  • No compromise on light or privacy translucent option)
Honeycomb Blinds Cleaning
  • Regularly dust lightly with a feather duster. If you have a vacuum cleaner, use the brush attachment and without using any pressure, sweep both front and back sides of the blind
  • For spot cleaning, use a soft cloth or sponge with warm water. Blot gently and let dry completely
  • Avoid crushing or wrinkling the blinds
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